Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things That Piss Me Off

Volume II:

People that walk around like they have never done anything wrong and that they are better than you.

I am sure I will get in trouble for this, but at this point, I don't care.
My example - J and I went out on St Patricks Day and ended up drinking too much. Shocker- that happens on St. Patricks Day. That was the only time we have ever been out with his friend, we'll call him Adnan. Let me say, from the sound of it you would think we were up dancing on tables stripping. But no, our mistake was that we drove home. Yes, incredibly stupid, it's not like it happens all the time.

So now it rolls around to Adnan's birthday party, and he actually writes to J telling him, and I will quote a couple of lines:

*K no getting drunk as shit around my friends though! Gotta behave - no st patricks day rerun! ( No shit? It's a birthday party, not a national drinking holiday)

*We can't behave like that at this place that's all I am saying. Yes it was a tad embarrasing but no I didnt care at the end of the night. Just saying that getting hammered there is not gonna be part of the agenda. I want you to make a good impression with my friends since most have never met you (Again, letting us know this is an upscale establishment, not one we are used to going to. )

*You two just get out of control when you drink that much and I dont want a scene to occur (Oh really, because you have been around us drunk how many times- oh ya- once)

So, Adnan can't figure out what is wrong, and actually said that he may not have meant it that way, 10 people can read a sentence and not take it that way. Really, I am sure 10 people can read this sentence and come up with the fact that you think your shit smells better than everyone else.

To quote my friend after telling her the story: "Nope, I totally agree w/you. That was really rude and uncalled for. I'd be completely offended. The whole "I want you to impress my friends" thing just sounds like he was treating Jason like he's the redheaded stepchild being brought out of the closet around fancy company. WTF??"

So, J was still wanting to go, and I told him go ahead, but I have no interest. I say the dumbest random stuff even when I am sober and am not going to have to double check everything I say the whole night so that I don't embarass Adnan. I am sure he will have a much better birthday party without the "town drunks" there.

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