Friday, April 25, 2008


OK, upon hearing I got a new car, EVERY man has asked if J gets a BJ now. Ummmmm-why?

First of all, he wanted the car as much IF not more than I did. He didn't want to give up his 4Runner and by me having a nice car, he still gets to drive it.

Secondly, J and I have seperate bank accounts. I pay 1/2 the bills and he pays 1/2 the bills. By having his Mom's car that was completely paid off, he was going to take over more of the bills to help me out since I am unemployed. BUT- with the new car, he will just resume the car payment. (We were still paying the car payment on the green one up until we sold it last month, so there has only been one month without payment.)

So, in summary
*Yes, J picked out the car and is making the payments.
*The new car payment is $30 more than the green one, and since I pay my insurance it will go up also.
*If you look at the money he puts in bills and the money I put in bills they even out.

Am I happy I have a new car? Tremendously. BUT- people, including J, need to stop acting like J "bought me a new car."

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