Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ziploc big bags are AWESOME!

So, I finished cleaning J's clothes out of the closet (Except his leftover shoes and his suit jackets). Then I used another bag to seal all of my lingerie into, because let's face it- I won't need that while I am still living here. I was also thinking of my sweaters and flannel PJ's, but then I don't know how cool the nights will get so I might just leave them, I don't know.
I think I found about 30 different socks of J's though, most of them not matching. I hope he isn't wearing mismatched socks, he never was good at things like that (kidding!).
I washed the couch cushion cover today. After I pick up K from school, Myra told me to pick up a thing of ammonia and pour it onto the cushion itself, and then pour white vinegar on it and allow it to dry and it should remove the pee smell. She said she has had to do it a couple times, once on the couch she has now and you can't even smell it when you lay down so YAY!

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