Saturday, May 10, 2008


This won't make much sense, I am pissed and just need to vent.

So I wake up to pee this morning. That, apparently, was my first mistake. J starts a fight, going off on me about my Mother's Day present. Apparently him and my Mom found me a dog. And now I am going to have to suffer. Why does he have to rub it in my face time and time again? This is such bullshit and I am so sick of it.
For one, I never asked for a dog. J makes it seem that I begged for one. We watched a friend of ours mini schnauzer and I loved her. So J started looking to get me one. I told him that if I was to get one, I wanted a yorkie. So my Mom found one online that a lady needs to get rid of. Apparently J told my Mom that he would pay for it.
So, since J is stressed ( I guess), he takes it out on me. Told me that I didn't deserve a present. That I sat around on my lazy ass all day and begged for a dog that he now has to pay for . Thanks for ruining my Mothers Day present asshole.

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