Monday, March 24, 2008

The End of The End

So, J starts back to work Wednesday after an extended vacation. Tonight is party night, tomorrow is quiet night. I will finally have the house to myself, yet I am pretty sure I will be lonely as I am only used to having until 11:oo by myself. I made a deal with me that I will clean 1 room a day, since God knows this house is disgusting. Not just a little clean, but a deep scrubbing clean. Yes, I know one of us has been off since September, but one of us is a lazy ass that only likes to look at porn and funny shit.
Again, it is the end of the end, yet we have had Devin, my 16 year old brother, since Thursday I think. Devin is freakin' hilarious, yet he turns Tyler into a doof.
Tonight is sangria night, followed up by J and I drrinking tonight followed up by J being hungover and sleeping til noon or 1:00 and me sleeping until 7:00am.
Life is fun.

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